IPv6 at Home

I have finally got around to playing with IPv6. With massive thanks to Hurricane Electric internet services offering a free IPv6 tunnel broker service. It’s actually quite frightening just how easy it was to implement and with stateless auto configuration all hosts immediately had IPv6 addresses! It’s just a matter of time until the tipping point is reached and there is a mad dash to migrate to IPv6. Just when we’ll get to that point, I’m not sure. Surely it can’t be longer than a year, given the IPv4 address allocation dwindling. Unless ISPs start using more NAT. 🙁

I set-up an host on only IPv6 and it was interesting to see just what I could access on the web. Google seems to be fully IPv6 enabled. I could browse Cisco and Microsoft’s websites. Surprisingly, Facebook is enabled, but HP, IBM as of the time of writing this are not.