Connecting to a Minecraft Bedrock Server from consoles.

Xbox and PlayStation only allow peer to peer or the use of Relms Servers. This can be pretty frustrating if you run your own standalone server and want to play with your friends.

This is a very quick guide to the setup of a Raspberry Pi to allow Xbox and PlayStation players to connect to a bedrock server. It show up as LAN server so that a console can connect.

This uses some freely available software to create a ‘proxy’

The really quick method

For example the Raspberry Pi 4 is ARM 8

Start a command prompt

mkdir -p /opt/phantom
cd /opt/phantom
chmod u+x ./phantom-linux-arm8
./phantom-linux-arm8 -server

You should now see a local LAN server

Improvements – Making it automatic

If you don’t want to have to manually start the proxy we can improve it and make it a service that automatically starts on boot.